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S&J Cleaning Service, LLC
Average rating:  
 11 reviews
by Thelma Boyd on S&J Cleaning Service, LLC
Quality Office Cleaning Services!

I need someone that offers quality janitorial services. I was able to make sure that every commercial cleaning task is in good hands. I was able to make sure that everything is safe and germ-free. If you really want to ensure the cleanliness of your office environment in order to improve the performance of your employees, call them!

by Sadie Casey on S&J Cleaning Service, LLC
Thanks for Cleaning My Home!

I was in desperate need of house cleaning services that fulfill my needs to the brim. I was having fun while working with this company because I was able to join the cleaning process. I was also able to witness their use of their eco-friendly cleaning solutions. I never thought they’d be able to offer something that went beyond my imagination.

by Brandon Parker on S&J Cleaning Service, LLC
So convenient!

I’ve known Juanita and her team for years. They are more than great! I know my home’s cleanliness is guaranteed with them and the price is really good as well.

by Jenny Ellis on S&J Cleaning Service, LLC
Give Them a Call Now!

If you’re in need of licensed and skilled cleaning service providers, you should give this company a call now! By calling them, they’d be provided with quality services. You can also ensure that they make use of eco-friendly solutions for your office environment. It was advisable to find the right cleaners in order to make things much easier than before.

by Debbie Jordan on S&J Cleaning Service, LLC
Quality Commercial Cleaning!

Office cleaning is something that I need for my own comfort. I was assured that I’d get quality results when I call this company. When I employed them, I was able to get what I need. I was able to enjoy something that’s beyond my expectations. For my friends and family out there, you should work with this company for your own benefit.

by Veronica Pena on S&J Cleaning Service, LLC
They Can Help You Too!

For commercial cleaning specialists, they’ll find it easy to keep your office environment germ-free and clean. They’re armed with the right tools and products to get the work done right the first time. It’s also their responsibility to make sure your basic necessities in the office are well taken care of. I advise calling them right now!

by Angelica Schultz on S&J Cleaning Service, LLC
Hiring Them Is Recommended!

If you need office cleaning services, this company is the answer to your needs. You’d be able to keep your office in a germ-free and clean state. If it’s hard to find the right team because of the different options available, you can give this company a call! I encourage hiring them because of their experience and knowledge of this business.

by Ana Townsend on S&J Cleaning Service, LLC
I Recommend Calling Them!

If everything isn’t going according to your plans, you should call their cleaning service providers to ensure your comfort. You’d be able to keep your home clean in a way that you never expect. I personally recommend employing them because they’re the ones who can help me ensure that my family is in good hands.

by Stacey Chavez on S&J Cleaning Service, LLC
Quality Services!

Investing your money in their residential cleaning service is the answer to your problem of keeping the house clean. I admit I was having a hard time keeping my house clean due to my busy schedule. I can’t find the time to complete this task, so I decided to call this company for my comfort. It was a good experience working with them!

by Maxine Rivera on S&J Cleaning Service, LLC
They Delivered!

I need skilled residential cleaning service providers that are able to fulfill my needs. I was in need of someone who can complete the work without any problems. I opted to give them a call because I was in need of someone who can keep my house clean at all times, allowing me to rest in my spare time or enjoy my vacation.

by Lori Mills on S&J Cleaning Service, LLC
I Enjoyed Their Services.

I was in need of their house cleaning services, so I decided to call them! Hiring them is another simple means to make my life comfortable. I don’t have to clean the house on my own, giving me more time to spend with my family and friends. It also allows me to practice my hobbies during the weekend.

Services List

  • Customized Cleaning Services
  • Office & House Cleaning
  • Deep Cleaning
  • One-Time & Regularly Scheduled
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Window Cleaning
  • And more